September 2010

Elder Nielson (left), Tomás Borbély, János Gergely and Elder Egan
before the baptism at Tihany tér.
Elder Nielson, János Gergely and Elder Egan after the baptism.  What a happy day!
On Sept. 9, 2010 two of our zones gathered in Budapest for special training.  That day was the
50th Wedding Anniversary of our office couple, Elder Lynn and Sister Kaye Garner (front row, center).
Their son, Brian (next to Elder Garner on front row) came to Budapest to help his parents celebrate.
We serenaded Elder and Sister Garner and took this photo.  How we love and appreciate
the Garners for their wonderful example of service, love and kindness to all.
Rita Somfai, (front left) the church Public Affairs Director for Hungary, and
Ahmad and Jane Corbett (right).  Brother Corbett is the Public Affairs Director
for the church in New York City.  He and his wife, Jane, visited Hungary in September.
Sister Harris (center) and Sister Wade (right) along with one of Sister Wade's
sisters preparing for a Young Single Adult event. 
Sister Shurtleff and Elder Egan
Elders Anderson (left) and Saunders
Elder Musters (left) and Elder Houstman with James East

Elder Feuz (left) and Elder Smith in Szombathely at the District Conference

Elder Baumgartl (left) and Elder Rummler in Szombathely
Two of our members in Szombathely, Bartos Xénia (left) and Bányi Krisztina

Elder Hansen (second from left) and Elder Caviness (far right)

Young members in Szombathely

Sister Wright (center) and Sister Andersen (second from right)

Szombathely members enjoying a bite to eat after church
Szombathely Branch President Lázar (left) with Pápa Branch President Szűr (middle)
at the Szombathely District Conference

Szombathely District President Takács (right)

Sister Baughman (left), Sister Haslem (center) and Sister Thompson

 Elder Haslem (far left) with Elder Caviness (second from right) and Elder Thompson (far right)

Elder Musters (left) and Elder Houstman (right) welcoming Elder Wright (middle left) and Elder Moffett.
Elders Musters (from Canada) and Houstman (from California) were serving as
the president's assistants at the time.  Elder Wright is from Virginia
and Elder Moffett is from Idaho.

Our departing missionaries:  Elder Houstman with Sister Dunaway and Sister Andersen

Elder Houstman (center) with Válóci Ferenc and his wife, Roz, from Tatabánya

Elder Baumgartl (left) with Elder Thompson (center) and Elder Rummler inviting
people to "meet the Mormons" in Sopron (above and below).

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