December 2010

Christmas is coming and winter is here!

"Chestnuts roasting on an open fire . . ."
Elder Thompson putting the finishing touches on an advent wreath

A group of our talented missionaries toured around Hungary during December and performed Christmas concerts in several of our churches.  The following photos are from those concerts:

Our performers heading out on tour:  Front row, left to right: Medveczky Levente (organist),
Sister Bodily (pianist), Sister Roderick (vocalist), and Elder Rummler (vocalist).
Back row:  Elder Ottley (guitarist), Elder Allen (violinist) and Elder Kubricky (vocalist).
The first concert was in Győr and the building was filled to overflowing. 
After the concert everyone enjoyed delicious süti (desserts) and other goodies.
Sister Roderick and friend
Válóci Ferenc, Sister Baughman, Válóci Roz and Sister Roderick

Our concert in Szolnok was held in a local school to accommodate a larger audience than our church building would hold.  The following photos are from that concert:

Elder Ottley (center) and Elder Wiscombe (right)
Elder Rowland
Elder Allen
Sister Roderick (center)
Sister Roderick and Elder Egan (the branch president)
These cute students from the school served as ushers.
Elder Egan
Elder Rummler, Sister Baughman, and Medveczky Levente
Elders Ottley, Kubricky and Allen with Kordic János
Mervai Péter and family with Sister Roderick
(Péter is now serving a mission in the Spain Malaga Mission)
Elders Lundeen and Nielson with Kiss Anna in Pest.
"All of the missionaries who have served in Pest love her
and her cooking," says Elder Nielson.

Sister and Elder Folster in Eger with Adam at his baptism

Ho! Ho! Ho! Sisters Bodily, Walker, Roderick and Shurtleff
with Santa in Győr