July 2010

Our departing missionaries - 7/7/10 - Elders Szvoboda, Szvoboda and Chiarelli
with Sisters Newman, Hammond, Owen and Szvoboda (yes, another one!), and
Elders Liljenquist and Huggard.  Our mission was blessed to have two
mini-missionaries who happened to be siblings of our Elder Nephi Szvoboda. 
Sister Szvoboda came from Utah to serve with us for 6 weeks and her brother, Reuben,
came from Vietnam to be with us for 6 weeks. 

Our July arrivals off for some exercise:  (Left to right) Elders Paas, Johnson, Nielson, and Leavitt,
with Sisters Jordan and Wright; Elders Schwieger (back) Conklin (front)
and Elders Szvoboda and Daybell, the president's assistants.
President and Sister Baughman with Elder Müller visiting the Budai family in Hodmezövásárhely

Elders Leavitt and Egan with Sisters Crosley, Roderick and Shurtleff (left to right in photo)

Each week our missionaries teach English (and sometimes German and French) for free to hundreds of people.  They meet in our churches around the country.  A prayer and spiritual thought are always offered at each lesson. Many of the people have felt the spirit during their classes with the missionaries and have asked to know more about why we are here in Hungary, what makes us so happy, and why they feel a sense of peace when they are with the missionaries.   
Elder Lundeen (left) and Elder Musters teaching one of our many English classes

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